Sunday, October 18, 2009

Google Wave invites for distribution

**Update: For Google wave invite give away program (2nd phase ) visit here .


You will be pleased to know that I have been nominated by 3 of my friends. But things were not the same for the last 2 weeks. If you see my past 4-5 articles, it will be clear. Even I announced a Google voice invitation for a wave invitation..but all were in vain. However, Within 1 week, the invitations will be arrived to 3 of my gmail accounts. So, In total I have 24 invitations to distribute. This is not an end, I am trying to grab more invitations from some other friends. May be at last, I will distribute my own account. I am seeing the whole distributing process as a means of profiting myself. So if you support my thinking, you may follow the instructions below. Among the contenders, I will distribute my invitations...Please remember that invitations are limited but contenders may be don't feel that you are cheated in case you fail to get nominations.

Please follow the steps mentioned here. If you don't follow this I will not nominate you...
  1. Browse at least 5 links of this blog. You can browse on main blog page or browse to an article page and go to links there.
  2. Browse the Google wave complete features article in docstoc. Browse on at least 5 links on the article page.
  3. Browse the Google wave 101 article on Bukisa. Just Browse at least 5 articles of the author, no need to click on links there...
Already done the above 3 steps, ok.. Now please add comment to this article showing your interest and mail address...You are one of short listed for wave nominations from my part. If I find anyone has commented without completing the above steps, I will simply delete the comment...

Couple of more steps will be required for completing nomination..I will add those shortly once my invitations are available...

********updated on 2009-10-19*******************

To my surprise, just after 1 day of being nominated by one of my friend, I have got an invitation from Google wave. See the Screenshot of log in screen...

Unfortunately, some are not following rules, please see my comments below.

Also, please pray that I get the chance to invite 8 more people from this invitation....I have heard that some people can't invite others.

*************Updates on 2009-10-20 *************

I have 1 good news and 1 bad news today. Which news you like to hear first? Yeah,, Good news is that I received 3 invitations on 3 of my Gmail accounts and nominated by another friend for wave invitation on 4th Gmail account. So here actually 2 good news!!!

Now, the bad news is that There is no provision to send invite to more people from all these 3 invitation. See the below pic. The red circled text is the problem. Also I logged into wave provision to send invite to other people...

But don't worry, If needed, I will handover my other 2 gmail accounts to 2 contenders (those have commented here). I apologize for my shortcomings here..I have no way to do more...Another good thing is that, 2 of you will get the invites instantly as i will handover my gmail accounts to you..So once you are selected, no more wait for Google to send you invite

***************** update on 2009-10-21 *****************

Yes, I appreciate your patience. It's coming to an end. Those who have commented here will soon receive a mail to your mailbox / spam folder. Check your mailbox carefully. Rest of the instructions are there. So this time, 2 lucky chaps from all of you get invitations from me.

Some more wave invites will be reached to me soon. That's another part. I'll let you know accordingly. I am very very sorry as I told about 24 invitations previously, but unfortunately I have 2 invitations to give away right now . pardon me for any inconvenience!!!

****************Update on 2009-10-22 *************

And I have calculated the result based on the criteria specified in the mail. 2 of all those who commented (except last 3 people who commented much late) have been selected. Some people didn't obey the steps such as, some people have requested to rule them out of contest, someone didn't reply to me, someone tweeted less than 4 times, some people replied very late etc. So they are temporarily out of final selection. So the winners are

  • a t ) gmail (dt) com
Kudos the winners from my part. Within hours I will handover my 2 gmail accounts to them. I will append winner's comment here later.

see tarang's testimonial here----

See Weer's testimonial here --

Those who were left out in final selection, don't worry I'll include them in 2nd phase of this program. I will get at least 2 more invites within 4/5 days. So 2nd phase will start then.. I'll let you know when it starts...Stay tuned. Also you may follow my blog for further updates.


  1. done! nice way to gain something and give invitation! ;-) like it (email: I sent u a pvt message on twitter!)

  2. Hey, I've done it all! My email's on (It's to protect it from spam bots)

  3. i've done it
    thankyou greatly

  4. Hey, done it all except for clicking on ads here (could not find any...) please send invite to my email that can be found here:

  5. clicaado!
    my mail...

  6. Hey there. Followed the steps above. Clicked on every ad link in sight. I was confused by step 2 because the link kept taking me to the PDF article but I found out where to go.

    I would love a Wave invite so that I can use it with my friends from all over the States.


  7. Please send an invite

    Thank you

  8. hey, I've clicked all the links
    my email is

  9. hello just read the articles as well a clicking but some of the articles were encrypted, please send the invite


  10. hi @TBari completed the steps above:
    send to: stefan [at] asemota [dot] de
    Thanks for waking me up :)

  11. Thnx for twitter tip. Did all steps.

  12. Done.
    6 Adds in the second :P
    and 7 articles, some of them are interesting.

    fred.j.lopes (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. Great idea here. I went click crazy. Thanks!
    Mattwhitbord (at) gmail (dot) com

  14. I clicked all the ads I could find. a t ) gmail (dt) com


  15. this is great idea and we can get the benefit with each other. interesting!
    my Email is
    thank you in advance.

  16. Ok ! Got your message on twitter ! I did everything you need. I send you me email by twitter. thanks

  17. Hi, I did the steps but I couldn't get to two of the articles because they were encrypted. The CSS one and the HTML one. Too bad, they are things I'm interested in. You've got good ad links, too, and I like how you've done this. Thanks for the good info!

    pixgreenday on twitter,
    pixelmeow on twitter,
    pixelmeow at gmail dot com

    and thanks!

  18. I have done your bidding.

    is my email.

  19. Alright. I did this again. I've clicked on at least 25 ads on this site alone and then at least 10 on each of the other pages.

    (I've still got the windows open so if you want screen shots, I'll be more than happy to send them to you.)

    Please send me an invite. Below is my email:

  20. I have done the requirements.

    Here is my email, please hook me up.

  21. Sorry to hear about people not following the rules. I clicked a few extra ads to make up for those who didn't.

  22. Congrats with you're received invite.
    I've done all the required steps, now let's hope you can sent an invite.
    For my email follow this link:

  23. yeah i did everything u said.... 10 clik nd da browsing part..everything....plz send me an invite to

  24. hello... did everythin written in da steps above,,... can u plz send me a request...
    thanks in advance..

  25. ok, I did everything. I hope you can send me a Wave invite!
    My email is
    Thanks so much! You are awesome!

  26. Hey i have done all the steps mentioned above..pls send me a google wave invite ! id:

  27. Done all the steps!

  28. done everything

    thanks in advance

  29. Hi!

    Done all steps.
    Would be proud to get a google wave invitation.


    Andreas Kulman

  30. please send an invite

    thank you

  31. Done the steps cause you asked it.
    And now I wish to get a wave invite :)



  32. Hoping you have some left! I´m working at a startup in Madrid and would love to experience the wave firsthand. It´s a little hard to stay connected to all the exciting products coming out of Silicon Valley so this would be a huge help! My email is eli.rabek at

  33. Hi, I have jsut finished all the steps and would love to receive an invite if you have any left.

    matthewdeutsch at gmail dot com

  34. my email ID :

    love this barter

  35. lol, just did anything you wanted me to. let's see if there's an invite left. :P

    ID ->

  36. did everything you said:


  37. Thanks for sharing this. I think i did it all correctly. except for bukisa articles which i thot were rather good reading, clicking on the ads were a little annoying as the ads were mostly crappy stuff to me ie get rich fast, etc. Thanks again anyway. hope this is not wasted effort. and my email is:

  38. I think i arrived late, but anyway I did everything you asked me to do.

    Here's my email addres:

  39. I've done all step above.
    Please invite me.
    Thank you for your kindness.

  40. please send an invite

    thank you

  41. Please send me also a invite

  42. Really would like to test wave. I think this is future... Wish you will invite me.
    Thank you.

  43. Please, invite me to Google Wave, I'm going crazy!!!!
    my addy is dedina @
    thank you very much

  44. hey there, i did everything you said:

    here's my mail id:

    Thank You.

  45. hey... i am done with all that u have mentioned. Pls send me an invite

  46. I have completed the above, let me know if I can get an invite or not. No rush, thanks again for taking the time to do this!

  47. I have just this minute followed through your list and done all you said.
    I would really appreciate a invitation to Google Wave if possible as I have a current ongoing assignment for my course and having google wave would really help collaborate our ideas and progress.


    P.S. If you need any help with PHP, XHTML or CSS I could help.

  48. Hey,

    Could you please invite me to google wave, I compleated all the requirements.

    my email is jesseruu(at)


  49. please send me an ionvite on

    thanks a ton!

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  51. phase 1 is complete!

  52. phase 1 is complete!

  53. Awesome! I now have a Google Wave account, this is so worth the effort. :)